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  • Biodiesel Production
  • Food Processing
  • Pharmaceutical Intermediates
  • Surfactant Manufacture


Green Catalysts’ SMO 30 and SMO 25 solution in methanol are high performance and ultra low moisture base catalysts. They are ideal catalysts for the transesterification reaction in the production of Biodiesel.

SMO 30 and SMO 25 have several advantages. First, they substantially improve Biodiesel yield. Second, they reduce the Biodiesel production cost by significantly reducing soap formation during the conversion process due to its ultra low moisture content. Third, they dramatically improve glycerine quality.

Commercial-scale Biodiesel producers use Green Catalysts’ SMO 30, except those in cold climates use SMO 25 during the winter months.


Green Catalysts’ SMO 100 anhydrous powder is widely used as a transesterification and interesterification catalyst in the production of transfat-free coating fats as well as margarine and shortenings. SMO catalysed transesterfication yields products with improved consistency and also reduced melting points with ideal baking properties.

Food applications are very sensitive to impurities including the trace amounts of any mercury compounds. Green Catalysts’ SMO powder does not contain or use any compounds containing mercury unlike other SMO products that are currently marketed.

Our process does not use either sodium metal or mercury amalgamation process instead Green Catalysts process uses caustic dehydration process which produces clean, food-safe SMO powder without any contaminants and is also more cost effective.