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About Us

Green Catalysts, Inc. is an eco-friendly, high performance catalyst company exclusively focused on the safe manufacture of alkoxide catalysts of the highest quality.

Our customer-centric guiding principles propel us towards close partnerships with our customers. We constantly strive to leverage our unique competitive advantages into lasting customer benefits based on the exacting requirements of the chemistry and process engineering of your products as well as your timely and price sensitive supply chain needs.

The principals at Green Catalysts have over 75 years combined experience as entrepreneurs with strong engineering, business development and customer relationship management backgrounds. We have built successful businesses from the ground up. Done extensive process engineering, plant construction and market economics. We have more than a decade of specific experience in the safe design and operation of dehydration technology based liquid and solid metal alkoxides plants. We bring decades of experience in partnering with the leading companies that take advantage of high performance catalysts in the manufacture of their products.

Green Catalysts’ high performance alkoxide catalysts are manufactured using innovative and proprietary process technologies that are safe and environmentally friendly. These processes provide highly efficient reactions while substantially reducing waste processing and ensure inputs that are much safer to handle. The resultant alkoxide catalysts are of very high quality and performance yet manufactured cost-effectively, providing competitive benefits to our customers.

Our high performance alkoxide catalysts are used by a wide variety of companies in markets ranging from biodiesel production, food processing, surfactant manufacture, pharmaceutical intermediates to polymerization of materials. They are used in commercially important reactions like esterifications, condensations, ring-closures among others.

Our goal is to be your one-stop shop for all your catalyst needs at all times!